The framework itself


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The cv4sensorhub framework provides the following main services to support the domain specific application development:

  • Common data model based on polygons and raster images with arbitrary key-value pairs attached to them.
  • An increasing set of operations working on the data model including polygon operations, image segmentation, automatic annotations.
  • Support for a set of derived data (like neighbourhood graph of polygons) which is kept up-to-date automatically, whenever the data model changes.
  • Reusable user interface components for visualization
  • Persistance and communication functions to synchronize data with server side and other clients.
  • Statistics like “Maximal Grain Size” and neighbor number histograms, extended with Excel interoperability.
  • Machine learning and optimization methods to support the development of adaptive, smart operations.

Framework architecture

Sample screenshot from the MinimalViewer

The screenshot below presents the uncustomized “MinimalViewer” application. Its goal is to expose all functionality of the framework. All domain specific applications utilize a subset of these capabilities and provide an ergonomic, domain specific user interface and design.

Map screenshot of MinimalViewer